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A national & international service for your stock because your sourcing locations can vary depending on multiple elements, Fashion Partner has organized itself to find the right solutions from your suppliers located in Asia, Euromed area or from your French workshops. Fashion Partner organizes tailor-made transport solutions for you.


Through to its 26 partner agencies spread throughout France, Fashion Partner | Textile Logistics ensure the distribution of your goods and the supply of your stores, whether your goods are packaged in cardboard or on hangers, whether for your implementations, your reassors, or your unit orders in the context of e-commerce. Fashion Partner has become the urban delivery specialist with a daily presence on city centers and shopping centers.


international distribution

Fashion Partner offers a set of solutions for your shipments around the world. The expertise of Fashion Partner in the mastery of international exchanges guarantees you an optimal daily management of your imports and exports around the world.

Return Management

Due to its daily presence on city center and shopping center, for the distribution of products, FashionPartner has the ability to process returns for valuation during the season or returns at the end of the season.


A delivery all over France, the next day before midday.

Tractors and trailers equipped with an on-board security system, Tracking shipments using the Track & Trace AndSoft Portal.

From the delivery of shops to city centers and shopping centers.

Your parts are removed from one store throughout the country and transported to another store where they are expected

Ability to deliver your products at night, deliver them on Sunday, in Click & Collect points.

Eco-Responsible Transport

Fashion Partner concerned about its environment, are already using gas-powered vehicles to distribute some of its customers located in the hyper-centre of major cities in order to reduce its ecological footprint.

Fashion Partner intervenes on the recovery of packaging after the delivery of products. On a daily basis or on request, we collect packaging in-store (flat boxes made of bundles, bundled covers). The covers and cartons are then grouped together in our main Hub where they will be recycled.

Transport Tools

Fashion Partner has deployed, for all its transport activities the  e-TMS by AndSoft interfacable with Customer ERPs, whose applications are many and scalable:

National Distribution Partner Agencies
millions of units transported per year
daily delivery