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Logistics at the service of Fashion. Omni-channel solutions: BtoB, BtoC

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Adapted logistics​

In parallel with its transport business, Fashion Partner has developed its expertise in the logistics of fashion products and supports its customers in their projects of complete or partial outsourcing of their flow management. On shared or dedicated models, the options are multiple. All operations are carried out using a specialized and proven WMS, capable of managing all types of flows to Retail, Wholesale and E-commerce. Thanks to its international network, Fashion Partner can also develop solutions on different continents.


The location of its various logistics sites allows Fashion Partner to be located in the immediate vicinity of the consumption areas. With variable and adaptable surfaces, these warehouses are therefore useful as rear bases or regional relays, depending on the space and season needs.

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Our warehouses are configured to receive every type of item, from materials to finished, flat or suspended products.

Each product receipt is followed by quantitative and qualitative checks.

Old collections, collections in progress, intended for Retail, Wholesale or e-commerce, our WMS allows a fine management of these multiple flows.

Materials: cuts of gauges and preparations of manufacturing orders for façonniers Finished products: order preparations with demand-specific packaging for BtoC.
Processing of end-of-season products, and old collections. Consolidation, sorting and replenishment of stock by models, sizes, colors.

Value-Added Services​

The logistics management of your products often goes beyond warehousing and order preparation. That’s why Fashion Partner has developed a range of value-added services to allow us to be as close to your needs as possible.

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Logistics Tools

For its logistics management tool, FashionPartner has chosen the WMS – LOGIMODA for optimized inventory and movement management. Specialized in the management of fashion items, it integrates in a native way all the complexities. By improving efficiency and reducing costs. It allows faster and better management of raw materials (fabrics, accessories) and finished products (hanging clothes, flat clothes, packaged items, accessories).

Specialized secure warehouses
m² of logistics centers
Permanent staff members