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For more than 50 years, our expertise in transport and specialised fashion and lifestyle logistics accompanies you with its customized solutions.

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Since 1968


At the beginning specialist in the carriage of clothes on hangers for the major brands of ready-to-wear and luxury, Fashion Partner evolves and expands its business over the years in order to be able to adapt to the needs of a constantly changing market. The company is today one of the French leaders in the provision of services dedicated to the world of Fashion and Lifestyle.

  • 10 Transport Platforms
  • 50 000 M²
  • 100 Permanent staff members
Fashion Partner is a subsidiary of Traconf, from the Lifestyle Division of NIPPON EXPRESS.
Nippon Express is a key player in the transportation and logistics sector.
 It has a network in more than 600 sites in 42 countries. Its international strength and expertise in air, sea and rail transport provide the company’s customers with innovative and competitive logistics solutions. In its international development strategy of its Lifestyle division, Nippon Express trusts Fashion Partner for its Transport and Logistics business. Whether your needs are in France or abroad, we provide you with a network of specialists and experts in transport and logistics dedicated to the actors of the fashion industry and Lifestyle (Ready-to-wear, Accessories, Linen, Cosmetics, Luxury, Leather, Sportswear, Shoes, Home Equipment).
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Specialised BtoB: Retail, Wholesale BtoC, Click & Collect


Upstream Transportation, Express Distribution, International, Overnight Delivery, Custom Transportation, Return Management, Inter-Stores, Secure and Eco-Responsible


Organisation of special, off-grid or ad hoc transport


Traceability, Business Analysis, Expertise, Centralisation.

National Distribution Partner Agencies
millions of units transported per year
m² of logistics centers
daily delivery



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