Meeting with Jacques Attali

On November 14th 2013, The Fashion Business Meetings event organized conferences and debates in several exhibit spaces.
During these meetings between ready-to-wear brands and logistics professionals, the event has analysed the current situation on the topics of Fashion and Luxury, their relationships and changes to come.

We were pleased to meet Mr Jacques Attali during our event, interview led by famous journalist Jérôme Bonaldi.


Speaker, writer, economist and consultant of the former french President François Mitterrand, he spoked about his vision of the ready-to-wear market.
According to him, this sector is closely linked to his idea of modernity *.

The economist considers that fashion is altruistic and moving :

– « We will not be dressed to be attractive for others but to please to others and the common point between ready-to-wear industry and logistics is movement, mobility. Garment is an instrument of mobility, so you are (fashion logistics specialist) the climax of nomadism. This sector is going to progress : Mobile objects such as phones permit to increase nomadism, that’s why you are surely at the forefront of tomorrow’s world.  »


* Jacques Attali | « Histoire de la modernité » | Robert Laffont | 2013


mardi 18 février 2014